Sunday, May 4, 2008

In you go

Well, I put the two packages in yesterday as today's weather was uncertain. Alas, today did have some fair moments. They seem to be doing well. I gave each of them a "global patty" of pollen which I purchased at Betterbee.

I was able to send Carol the pictures of the one sick hive and I will try again to send them with this note.

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CoyoteWoman said...

Glad your girls are in. We put a pollen patty in our hive a few weeks ago. First time that we've done that. I got the idea from Denny's post, and the photo of the patty on his blog. He makes them himself out of pollen from his hives, so we bought one to give it a try.

When we gave them their last bucket of 'sweet tea' today, we noticed the patty was gone. Guess they liked it.

I can post the photos of the sick hive you had. Just let me know Chris.

Visiting Plum Blossoms 5/08

Visiting Plum Blossoms 5/08
Photo: Coyotewoman, Newfane Hill, VT